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Lunchbox Auditions for Director of ‘Bat Out of Hell: The Musical’

This morning Jay Scheib, the director of Bat Out Of Hell The Musical came on The Bobby Bones Show for Lunchbox's audition.

Scheib is a big time director with several awards, and he's also a professor at MIT teaching acting, directing, and design classes. Currently he's the director for the Rock Opera musical Bat Out Of Hell, based on Jim Steinman and Meatloaf's album Bat Out Of Hell. The musical revolves around two characters who fall madly in love at a street protest and her dad isn't happy about the relationship. What ensues throughout the musical is a "Rock and roll version of Romeo and Juliet" set against the songs of Bat Out Of Hell.

Lunchbox's audition needed to happen in three different parts: a scene, a song, and an improvisation. Scheib asked Bones to run lines with Lunchbox for the scene part of the audition. When the two read the scene, Lunchbox changed one of the words in the script. He admitted he didn't know how to pronounce the word in the script, so he just changed it. Scheib said he appreciated Lunchbox thinking on his feet, but that word was important to the context of the scene. Then Lunchbox had to sing a verse and chorus of one of the biggest songs in the musical.

Though Lunchbox really shined when Scheib asked him to do some improvisation in a scene. Lunchbox had to make up the script with only a few context notes from Scheib. He thought that's where Lunchbox really did well and it was a part suited for him. He noted that he got "street vibes" from Lunchbox and he does have natural talent.

We will find out next week if Lunchbox is getting a role in Bat Out Of Hell in Las Vegas.