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Bobby Bones Shares Top Annoyances in His Life Right Now

Bobby Bones shared some personal annoyances he's dealing with in his life right now during The Bobby Bones Show this morning (August 12).

Sometimes it just feels good to complain about some things. Bones had five different reasons to be annoyed this morning. They included some injuries he recently sustained, a clothing mishap, and his dogs. He also ranked them for their level of annoyance.

  1. His rib injury - he's not sure how he got it, but it has been painful.
  2. His dogs Eller and Stanley have recently had broth added to their dog food, and now they won't eat the dog food without it.
  3. When he was quietly getting ready for work because his wife was asleep, he hit his knee on a bench.
  4. The zipper on his pants that he wore to work today won't stay up.