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Eddie Thinks Lunchbox Owes Him Money After Losing Bet

Eddie believes Lunchbox owes him some money.

He brought the topic up to Judge Bobby to see if Lunchbox should have to pay up. Eddie shared that he got a random text from Lunchbox asking if he wanted to make his money back from a bet he lost a few days prior. Lunchbox then proceeded to tell him to bet on the Nashville Soccer Club because they were definitely going to win. Eddie trusted Lunchbox's bet idea and placed some money on NSC winning. However, they ended up losing and Eddie lost money again. Now, he thinks Lunchbox should pay him the money back that he placed on the bet, because if Lunchbox wouldn't have texted him, he never would have placed another bet.

Lunchbox said he was just trying to be nice and help out, but that's just how making bets goes. Bones agreed with Lunchbox and after looking at their text messages, he said Lunchbox doesn't need to pay Eddie anything. Especially since Lunchbox never said anything about paying Eddie in case NSC were to lose.