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Bobby Bones Opened Up About His Struggle With Adult Friendships

Bobby Bones has been struggling with making some solid adult friendships.

Weeks ago, he shared on The Bobby Bones Show how he's been frustrated that he never gets invited anywhere. He will always make plans with people, but he's the one who has to invite people. His frustrations have continued because he feels like he doesn't have any good friends. The only person he considers as one of his good friends is Eddie.

His wife Caitlin has encouraged him to look at some of the friends in their circle and build some stronger friendships with them. Bones said after she encouraged him, he started eyeing one friend. He asked said friend to hang out, and they have a great time together. However, after asking that friend to hang out 4 times in a row, Bones is frustrated once again because this friend hasn't initiated any of the hanging out.