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Morgan Shares Some Details Around Her Current Relationship Status

During The Bobby Bones Show today (August 15), Morgan shared some updates on her love life.

She told the show about a recent run in she had with a guy she went out with over 2 years ago. He came up to her and reiterated his reasoning for ghosting her. He felt like she didn't need him, so he was intimidated by her. She responded by telling him that when she dates a guy, she wants him, she won't ever need him and clearly they had different ideas for what a relationship should look like. So it's a good thing it didn't work out. The conversation about this run-in sparked Bobby Bones to ask about Morgan's current dating life.

A few months ago she shared that she was single, so Bones wanted to know if she had been on any dates recently. That's when Morgan shared some "breaking news" that she hasn't been on any dates, but her and her ex-boyfriend are trying to work things out. They are not officially dating, but they are going on dates and working through things. She obviously doesn't know how things will work out, but she said he's been putting in a lot of effort after working through some things and she is hopeful about the situation.