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Lunchbox Vows Never to Honk Again After Road Rage Incident

Lunchbox vowed to never honk again after a recent road rage incident.

He told The Bobby Bones Show (August 17) that he was sitting at a four-way stop with two other cars. One on his left and one on his right. Both cars proceeded to take their turns and then it was Lunchbox's turn to go. When he was already in motion, another truck started to come through the intersection. Lunchbox laid on his horn because he didn't understand why the man was not waiting his turn, since it was clearly Lunchbox's at that time. The truck proceeded to come to a halt and the driver got out of the car, and pointed at Lunchbox while shouting "You do not honk your horn at me."

Thankfully Lunchbox was able to drive off and no further altercations ensued. Because of this, he has vowed he won't be honking anymore. He doesn't want to ever face a similar situation again.