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Eddie Making His Kids Do Their Own Laundry

Eddie and his wife have four boys. In recent months, Eddie took on the chore of doing all of the family's laundry.

Though he confessed during The Bobby Bones Show today (August 18) that he no longer wants to do all of the laundry. His boys go through so much laundry, and one of his son's will change 4 times in a given day. So he no longer wants to do the laundry himself. Instead he's going to make his kids help with folding and hanging up their own clothes. He plans to give each of them a laundry basket, and then washing them each individually. Then he will give the clean clothes back to his kids where they will have to fold and hang up their own clothes.

Bones gave Eddie a hard time noting that this will likely result in a lot of clothes not being folded or hung up in his kids' rooms.