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Eddie Wants To Join Amy & Lunchbox On 'Building Roots' TV Show Episode

Yesterday (August 18), Lunchbox and Amy were arguing over who would have a bigger role on her sister's TV show Building Roots. They've been discussing a possible episode with the show's producers and casting director. The two believe it's going to happen, though there has been no official decision or word yet.

Eddie shared this morning (August 19) that he would also like to be part of the TV show. He has a hole in his roof and would love to have his house get fixed on the episode. He said it would be perfect to have all three of them on, and he doesn't even need a big segment. Just a quick fix of his house and he makes an appearance!

We will see what the producers and casting director have to say about Eddie's addition, but only time will tell if they are all going to make it on an episode!