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Gary Levox Shares the Story Behind His New Single “Get Down Like That”

Gary LeVox released a new solo song today "Get Down Like That." He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share the story behind the song and what he's been up to in his career since Rascal Flatts called it quits.

"Get Down Like That" was co-written by four individuals, including artists Hardy and Thomas Rhett. LeVox told his team he needed something different and uptempo for a new song. One of his team member's at Sony told him they just signed Hardy, so after looking at some songs, this was the one LeVox heard and loved. He put it on hold immediately and wanted to cut the song immediately.

Besides new music, LeVox is currently on a solo tour and will be spending the rest of his year touring. During his sets he does a lot of the Rascal Flatts hits as well as some of his solo music. The hardest song for him to sing in his career was Rascal Flatts song "He Ain't The Leaving Kind," towards the end of the song is a very high note. Which they usually transitioned right into a cover of "Don't Stop Believin'" because the notes are the same. And despite being photographed with fellow Rascal Flatts band member Jay DeMarcus recently, LeVox said it didn't mean anything about the band. They just happened to be at the same place, and they do still talk to each other often. The two are family, and they are on good terms.

We also learned that LeVox loves Crocs. He owns about half a dozen pairs, and recently showed up to Bobby Bones Comedically Inspirational shows 2 hours early wearing some of his Crocs along with basketball shorts. He also told Bones that he loves to sing at weddings, and it is something he will always consider for the right price.