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Lunchbox Makes It on the News After Stopping at Protest

A group of protesters were outside of the Starbucks on West End in Nashville recently. They were protesting the cost of vegan milk being higher than non-vegan milk. A few of the protesters even cemented their feet to make their point.

Lunchbox saw it in real time, and he stopped to talk with the protesters. While he was there, there was also some news stations there. So Lunchbox ended up making it on about the protests. Though he only makes a brief appearance in the news segment, and he looks out of place as he wasn't wearing what the other protesters were wearing.

He interviewed the protesters to hear their side of things and they said they wanted to save the planet, which means more people eating vegan. And places like Starbucks are making that harder to do because they charge more for vegan options, like vegan milk. Despite a few of them being cited and one person being arrested, they plan to continue protesting in other places across the country.

Here's the WSMV news video where Lunchbox makes a brief appearance.