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Amy Shares Daughter’s Mature Response to Speech Class Question

Amy's daughter Stachira just started high school. She already has a lot of homework and one of her assignments came from Speech class.

Her teacher asked them to put together a speech answering the question "Who do you want to have dinner with, dead or alive?" Stachira did her report all on her own, but asked Amy's help in printing it out. She also asked Amy if she could read it to her for some feedback. Stachira's response to the question was her biological parents. She wanted to go to dinner with them to ask her mom why she gave her up, and found out if her dad is still alive. She only has a few very young memories with her biological parents, including one on a motorcycle that she still has a scar from. Stachira also shared in her speech that she forgives them for letting her go.

After reading the speech to Amy, Stachira asked if they are finally able to go to Haiti so she could see them. Amy admitted they would have already been to Haiti by now, but there's too much conflict happening in the country for them to safely visit.

Watch Amy talk more in detail about Stachira's speech above.