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Lunchbox Discovers Airbnb for the First Time After Atlanta Trip

Lunchbox went on a trip to Atlanta with his family recently. He shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (August 23) that he discovered a new app and he loves it.

The new app he discovered is Airbnb, where anyone can rent someone else's house to stay in for vacation rather than going to a hotel. He said he's never even heard of the app before, and the whole show was in disbelief considering they've talked about Airbnbs on the show. He confesses he only remembers VRBOs being mentioned, which is a similar concept. However, he's obsessed with the Airbnb app because they found a really cool place to stay and he was able to learn all about the owner of the house. The owner had many decorations up that were personalized to his life, so Lunchbox felt proud of himself for really learning about the stranger.

He plans to reach out to the Airbnb owner to ask questions about his life from things Lunchbox gathered about him while staying in the home. He also plans to ask where he stays whenever others rent out his home.