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The Show Recalls Moments They Got in Trouble During School

Amy's kids are recently back in school and it's brought up some conversations about our times in school.

The Bobby Bones Show confessed some moments where they got in trouble during school. Amy recalled her always being late to math class because she loved talking to people in the hallways. So one day her mom showed up and walked her to math class so she couldn't be late. She was never late after that. Eddie remembered being in choir class in 7th grade when a kid kept rubbing the back of his neck. He asked the kid to stop, otherwise he would punch him. The kid didn't stop and Eddie turned around and punched him. He got in trouble during the next period.

Raymundo recalled that he kept getting bad grades during his junior year of high school. His mom showed up one day to school and asked the principal to give Raymundo in-school suspension so he would focus on getting his grades up. He said it kind of worked. Lunchbox recalled his senior year of high school during two volleyball games getting into trouble. One time the volleyball came into the stands, he tossed it up and served it back to the court and hit a girl in the head on an opposing team. During another volleyball game, he tore up an opposing team's sign and then he got suspended. For Bobby, he said he never really got into trouble because he was so worried about being a good kid. But there was a time in French class where he got yelled at for messing with the board in front of class.