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Lunchbox Fell For Fake Phishing Email From Our Company

Scammers and phishing emails have become much more frequent.

To combat people falling for scams, iHeartRadio has been sending company employees fake phishing emails to test their ability to recognize fake scams from real emails. The Bobby Bones Show members often will get phishing emails and the test is to see who all clicks through the email and falls for the email's prompts. Lunchbox recently got one of these fake phishing emails that was pretending to be from iHeartMedia's security team. While everything in the email, including the email address, looked solid, there was one glaring red flag. The email said "from external server." Which means the email originated outside of the company, so despite all of the official iHeartMedia logos and words, it wasn't actually coming from the company.

Lunchbox fell for it anyway and now he's mad at the company for "getting him" with a trick email.