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Scuba Steve Took Opportunity With BBS After Coin Flip

Scuba Steve shared something crazy about him taking the opportunity to join The Bobby Bones Show as an executive producer.

During the show today (August 24), the show heard about a listener who decided to move to the Carolinas based on a coin flip. She revealed her life was actually the real life version of Jo Dee Messina's song "Heads Carolina, Tails California." She had a job promotion and could either move to Carolina or California, so she flipped a coin.

Scuba Steve admitted something similar he did. He chose his job with our show based on a coin flip. He and his wife often use coin flips to make final decisions whenever they’re stuck between two. Scuba Steve couldn’t decide whether to stay working for Ryan Seacrest in California or move to Tennessee to work with the Bobby Bones Show. So his wife encouraged him to flip a coin. 

The coin flip landed on Tennessee, so he took the job and they moved out to Nashville for him to work with our show.