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Bobby, Morgan, & Raymundo Recall Being Catfished

There are only three people on the Bobby Bones Show who have dealt with catfish situations.

As some fans know, Bobby Bones was catfished by a Guess Jeans Model years ago. They had started talking online, and she even called into his radio show. However, she never revealed her face, and it was later exposed in a news story that the Guess Jeans Model was actually a guy.

Then Morgan shared for the first time that when she was in middle school, she was talking to a guy online who she fully believed was Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco. They would chat through Skype and he sent photos of himself, however he never showed his face in real time. When the band had a show in Wichita, they had planned to meet up. But then the guy bailed last minute and then disappeared. She felt things were always a little sketchy and assumed it probably wasn't him.

Raymundo also shared that when he was in college, he talked to a girl over Facebook and on the phone for 2 years. But they never met in person and then she randomly deleted her Facebook after them talking. So he's still not sure to this day if she was a real person or catfishing him.