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WATCH: Kameron Marlowe Covers Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

Kameron Marlowe appeared on The Voice back in 2019. Since then, he's gone viral on social media for his voice and his music. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show this morning (August 26) to perform and share some things about his career.

When Marlowe initially got a call from The Voice, they told him they saw some social media videos of him performing. Though, he never posted any videos at that point. He believes they saw some videos his mom posted of him, as she's his biggest fan since the beginning. While on The Voice, he lost during the live show, but the loss gave him a boost. He was really fired up after the show because he had come from a place of not playing music at all to now considering pursuing music full time. Marlowe was working a job selling car parts and started to travel down to Nashville more. He met some fellow musicians and they asked if he wanted to move into a house with them, and he said yes. Not thinking much of it, they asked him if he was still up for it a few weeks later and that's what officially made him quit his job and move to Nashville. Marlowe was excited to pursue his music career, but admitted it was difficult to quit his stable job to jump into the unknown.

Marlowe's first ever piece of viral content was a cover of him performing Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" back in 2020. Since then, he's had some big supporters for his music. His debut album We Were Cowboys dropped today, and he really fought for it to sound authentic to himself. He confessed the album was almost ready when he went out to Wyoming and wrote the title track "We Were Cowboys." The song really connected for Marlowe and inspired him to change out some songs on the project to make the debut album more true to him.

Watch Kameron Marlowe perform a cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and the title song off his debut project We Were Cowboys below.