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Disordered Eating & How It Affects Our Skin with Hannah Ellis (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Licensed Paramedical Aesthetician Hannah Ellis is our expert guest in this 3-week series with Amy. In episode 1 of 3 they talk about disordered eating and how it affects our skin. Hannah says it’s so common for her to see clients that speak negatively about food & have self blame (i.e. about food for their skin). 


Hannah Ellis is a Licensed Paramedical Aesthetician and founder of Hannah Ellis Skincare here in Nashville, TN. 


As a Paramedical Aesthetician, her approach to skin starts internally and works its way to the surface by changing the way your skin functions at a cellular level via truly nourishing the skin without ablative and harsh treatments but strategically thoughtful and custom treatments for every skin condition. Hannah and her team of expert aestheticians she has trained specialize in acne, melasma and pigmentation issues, rosacea, aging concerns, and so much more all with a holistic approach through skin changing treatments, custom complexion home care routines and detailed education their clients can't find anywhere else. Her motto is “I empower my clients to achieve the healthiest skin of their life."


Hannah Ellis 

Owner | Hannah Ellis Skincare 



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