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You Don't Have To Be In The Spotlight To Be Successful with Tim Shurrer

Amy is pumped to finally connect with Tim Shurrer!! Is your definition of success leaving you restless and empty? Tim can help with that and he's on to talk about his new book: The Secret Society of Success! 


There’s a message getting a lot of airtime these days. It says to be successful, you have to step into the spotlight, climb the ladder, become the boss, or chase whatever version of success that’s been dangled in front of you.

But what if there’s another way? What if fame, money, and power aren’t all that we should be chasing?

In The Secret Society of Success, Tim Schurrer invites you to reevaluate your definition of success and learn a new, freer way to go about achieving it. How do you learn this approach? With the Secret Society as your guide—a community of people who know how to make an impact, whether they have the spotlight or not. The Secret Society will teach you to

• define success for yourself;

• contribute to your team without minding who gets the credit;

• make an impact that spans far beyond yourself, regardless of the size of your platform;

• navigate living in the tension between contentment and striving;

• go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and restless in your job to being confident in the value you bring to the team; and

• discover meaning and fulfillment in the work that you do.

Through powerful stories of people like the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, NBA all-star LeBron James, Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and people whose names you’ve never heard of, you will discover that the success you’re looking for is within your reach, wherever you are and whatever your role.


Tim knows what it takes to build a winning team. He spent almost a decade of his career launching two brands—StoryBrand and Business Made Simple—as COO alongside New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller. Before that Tim worked at TOMS as well as Apple Inc. He is the host of the Build a Winning Team podcast, where he offers listeners actionable advice as he interviews some of the top leaders in business. Tim lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Katie, and their two kids.



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