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Bobby Bones Inspired Lyric in Jon Pardi’s Song “Santa Cruz” From New Album

Jon Pardi released a new album called Mr. Saturday Night. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (September 6) to talk about the new music and the song Bobby helped inspire.

It's been 3 years since Pardi released a new project, because the pandemic threw some things off. He dropped Heartache Medication in 2019 and planned to do a tour with the songs, but then the pandemic hit. So it wasn't until after the pandemic, Pardi was able to tour his Heartache Medication music. That's why he didn't end up working on and releasing Mr. Saturday Night until this year (2022). Mr. Saturday Night features a song called "Santa Cruz," which was actually inspired by an interaction with Bones. Pardi shared that he sent Bones a postcard from Santa Cruz. He was congratulating him on one of his accomplishments, and he was sharing that he just had an awesome first trip with his now wife Summer. So in the song "Santa Cruz," Pardi wrote the lyrics "sent a post card to a friend" and he was talking about Bones.

For the last several months, Pardi has been on tour and he broke down what touring is like for him. Before hitting the stage, Pardi drinks a lot of water and does a lot of stretching, especially for his neck to help his vocal cords. Then he makes sure to warms up with his vocal coaches. He also spends some of his time on the road working out, sharing that he and his band have stopped at Planet Fitness in almost every city. Despite working out, he admitted he doesn't feel like he looks great after spending 8 weeks on the road. Pardi also talked about one of his favorite things they do during the live show, which is a dance to his collaboration song with Thomas Rhett "Beer Can't Fix." Pardi and Rhett normally do a dance when they perform the song together, so Pardi taught his band the dance to do for his tour. It's always a crowd pleaser because no one expects all the dancing. There's been a rush for Pardi lately on tour because they're selling out shows and he brought Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters out with him. It's been a lot of firsts for him and he's enjoyed having great artists opened up for it.