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Bobby Shares Stories From First Day Guest Hosting TODAY Show With Hoda

Bobby Bones guest co-hosted the TODAY Show with Hoda yesterday (September 6).

He showed up during the fourth hour of the show and got to hang with guests Kenan Thompson and Danny Devito. One of the first things he talked about on the show was meeting Hoda at a restaurant and he made her cry with the story. He shared how awesome it was to watch her in her element during the show, he saw her hype up her entire crew before they went live. On his Instagram, Bones shared a few photos and videos from his time guest co-hosting and noted how excited he was to do it the rest of this week.

Another story Bones shared from being on the show was his interaction with Devito. He was in the dressing room and told Bones that his outfit looked great. Bones told him his wife picked it out, and Devito gave her some nice credits for the look. He also gave Bones a tip on how he should button his suit jacket, a tip he learned from a fellow stylist friend.