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Amy Shares Update on Her Daughter’s Fish

Some breaking news was shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (September 8).

Amy announced that her daughter Stachira's fish has died. Last year, when Amy announced they had the new family pet, the guys on the show wanted to place a bet on the fish's lifespan. Lunchbox thought it would die in a few short days, and thankfully that didn't happen. However, Bobby Bones, Eddie, and Raymundo's bets were all placed in 2022. Bones bet January of 2022 and Eddie and Raymundo bet after December 2022. So Bones ended up winning the beta fish bet since the fish's death happened this week.

Despite the bet, Amy said it's definitely a bummer for her family that they lost the fish. They think one of the snails in the tank got sick and gave the virus to their fish, which resulted in it dying.