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Bobby Bones Concerned Over Superstition With Upcoming Arkansas Game

During the last Arkansas game, Bobby Bones was watching the game at a friend's house. That friend has a 5-year-old daughter who was wearing a princess necklace.

The daughter came up to Bones and told him to wear her princess necklace. However, he was concerned because the team could lose with this new addition to his wardrobe. But if they won, then he would need to wear the necklace again out of superstition. Arkansas won the game and Bones had to leave the princess necklace with his friend's daughter. With the upcoming Arkansas game this weekend, he's worried he doesn't have the necklace to wear.

He debated during The Bobby Bones Show this morning (September 8) whether he should ask for the princess necklace to wear the rest of the season or attempt to sneak it out of the house without the young girl noticing.