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Lunchbox Gets Update on Personal Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

A few weeks ago, Scuba Steve revealed that he was working on a possible deal with the lottery and Lunchbox.

Lunchbox is a huge fan of the lottery, so much so that he spends several hundred dollars on lottery tickets each month. He's been playing for years and has stated many times if he wins big, he will quit the show and no one will ever see him again. His love of the lottery sparked a conversation to get Lunchbox his own scratch off lottery ticket to be sold in a limited edition capacity. Last The Bobby Bones Show talked about the matter, Scuba Steve said a few states were interested in the opportunity. However, as of today's update (September 8), Scuba Steve none of the states were able to work out a deal.

But now there is one state who is interested in doing a scratch-off lottery ticket, but with Bobby Bones instead. Lunchbox wasn't happy with the news, telling the show that he's the one who is obsessed with the lottery. Bones pointed out, he does gamble some and he did a scratch-off lottery ticket series on social media.