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Kane Brown Recalls Beating Post Malone in Beer Pong

Kane Brown's new album Different Man is out today (September 9). He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new music and other things happening in his life right now.

This new project will show fans a new side of Brown. He told Bobby Bones that professionally, Different Man is the best work he's ever done. Admitting with his past albums, that he was scared. But with Different Man, he realized the songs on the record will be ones he has to sing for the rest of his career, so he really wanted to make sure he loved them. Brown originally planned to go full "country" on this project, but later down the road "Grand" and "See You Like I Do" were songs he loved with more of a pop vibe and "Riot" has a rock vibe, so the album ended up having some other genre twists. "Bury Me In Georgia" kicks off the track list because Brown felt like it was a super strong song and one he already loves performing. Then the album track list ends with "Dear Georgia," both songs are homages to his home state. "Whiskey Sour" is another special song on the project, it has actually already been released. But he wants to re-release it with this new project. His team told him that it couldn't be a radio single since it was released already, but he believes it could be a great one.

The album features some special collaborations. One with his wife Katelyn called "Thank God." Brown shared that she has always wanted to sing, but she gets really bad anxiety with performing. Even being in a room for band rehearsals was hard for her. He recalled being in the recording studio made her really nervous, but he made sure to "act silly" to make her laugh and have some fun. He also helped in giving her notes for her part of the song. Another collaboration on the project is "Different Man" with Blake Shelton. Brown was driving to the gym and listening to this song when he realized Shelton would make a great fit on it. He texted it to Shelton, who responded back in about 20 minutes saying he wanted to be on it. Brown also recalled the time he got to do something wild in a collaboration situation with Tim McGraw. He was the first artist Brown ever knew and they performed at the concert before the Super Bowl together. Brown got to sing the first song he ever learned with McGraw and it was a favorite moment of his career.

Brown also admitted there is some of his previous work that he will no longer perform. His song "Used To Love You Sober" got him started in his career, but he won't play it at all. He told Bones he's moved on past that time period of his life and it just doesn't fit into his show anymore. He has also been focusing his attention to new opportunities. He dropped a cereal called Kane Krunch that's in various grocery stories to benefit charity. The company brought Brown in because he's a cereal junkie. His favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but he didn't like that companies' version when he tested it. So he went with the chocolate cereal for his cereal launch. Also recently, Brown played beer pong with Post Malone. Brown confessed he beat him 3 times and is now the champion. And he really doesn't remember how they formed a friendship in the first place, but Brown said Post Malone is the nicest dude ever. The beer pong match happened at Hangout Fest backstage. Then Post Malone came to Nashville and he took Brown to a bar on Broadway that he's never been to before. Adding that Post Malone is really into the 60s and 70s country music.

Some fun facts the show learned about Brown: He's a big Georgia fan, but he's also a fan of Kansas State and their players Tyler Lockett and Collin Klein. Though he's never been a diehard fan of any NFL team. He can play Guitar Hero with his feet. His favorite movie of all time is Halloween and his favorite TV show of all time is Break Stuff.