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Eddie Debating Between Attending Wedding & Special Concert

Eddie is having a dilemma with two events coming up.

His favorite band is Pearl Jam. He's been waiting to see them in concert for years now, and they're finally coming to Nashville, Tennessee for a show. He reached out to some connections and secured tickets for the show. He's been planning on attending the concert for months. However, Eddie just found out one of his good friends is getting married on the same date as the concert. He really wants to attend the concert because the band means a lot to him, but now he feels like he needs to attend the wedding.

Eddie asked The Bobby Bones Show which event he should attend. Bobby and Amy told him definitely the wedding. Bobby added that it's a small wedding, so it's not like they invited a bunch of people to it. Lunchbox said the friend wouldn't care of he was there, so he should go to Pearl Jam.