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The Guys Share Things They’ve Been Forced to Do With Their Partners

During The Bobby Bones Show today (September 13), the guys admitted the things they've been forced into doing with their wives and what they've forced their wives into doing with them.

Mike D brought the segment idea up because he recently was forced to go volunteer with his wife Kelsey. He enjoyed the volunteer work, but said it makes him nervous to go into a new situation and meet strangers. Since he did that with her, he was able to convince her to go to a punk show with him. Bobby Bones admitted his wife Caitlin forces him to drink water and actually take some time off work to relax. And he often forces her to watch or participate with any Arkansas sports games. Eddie confessed his wife made him go get a Mani/Pedi with her, and in turn she went golfing with him.

As for Lunchbox, he admitted his wife forces him to go to open houses to check out some real estate even though they're not buying a house and then he recently forced her to join his Fantasy Football league. Raymundo shared that he and his wife Laura like to bet on horse racing together.