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Abby Went on the Worst Date She’s Ever Been On

Phone screener Abby has been going on some dates lately. She met a guy through the dating app Hinge and said it's one of the worst dates she's ever been on.

On the app, he looked super cute, athletic and seemed to be a hard worker. He actually lives in Alabama, but told Abby he's looking for someone to date in Nashville. They decided to meet at a local coffee shop at lunch time. on a Saturday. During the date, he told her that he comes to Nashville every weekend to find his wife. He even confessed to her that he stacks his dates for the weekend. He took a date to a concert on Thursday night, and then Friday he went out with another girl. He told Abby about his Friday date that he forgot to give her the pastries he brought for her. The date lasted about an hour and then Abby told him she had some other plans. The date was so awkward and uncomfortable so she will not being going on anymore dates with him. Admitting that she did ghost him after he hit her up a week later.

Because of the date, Abby said she doesn't want to meet anyone via online dating anymore.