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Lunchbox Had Interesting Celebrity Encounter With His Kids

Lunchbox was at lunch with his family when they ran into a celebrity.

The entire family is big Nashville Soccer Club fans and they saw player Walker Zimmerman park and walk into a store nearby. So Lunchbox grabbed his kids and they went to sit near Zimmerman's car until he came out of the store 30 minutes later. When he came back, Lunchbox's kids immediately started waving at him and they were so excited to see him. Zimmerman asked them if they wanted a picture, so Lunchbox snapped a picture of his boys with one of their favorite Nashville Soccer Club players.

The Bobby Bones Show told Lunchbox he was pretty creepy for sitting next to the car and waiting for Zimmerman to come out. Especially doing it with his kids. But Lunchbox doesn't think Zimmerman was bothered by it.