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Waitress Gets Angry at Lunchbox While at Lunch With Eddie & Scuba Steve

Lunchbox, Eddie, and Scuba Steve went to lunch together and brought their wives and children. It was a fun lunch of 15 people.

However, things took a turn when Lunchbox got into a disagreement with the waitress. They waited about 25 minutes before being able to order. When the waitress got to Lunchbox, he didn't know the sides he wanted because they weren't listed on the menu. When he asked her what they were, she told him that he needed to be more prepared. Then she told him she didn't have time to wait on him, would bring another menu with the sides on it when she had some time, and left to help her other tables. Lunchbox timed her and it took her 13 minutes and 40 seconds to return to the table with an insert of the sides and to finish their order.

Eddie and Scuba Steve were mad at Lunchbox for not having his order ready, but they admitted she was pretty unprofessional in how she handled the situation.