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Bobby Dared Lunchbox to Sleep in Mattress Store for 15 Minutes

Lunchbox has been known for his capability of falling asleep anywhere.

Bobby Bones told him he would pay $100 if Lunchbox could go to a mattress store and sleep for 15 minutes without any interruptions. This included his own interruptions or someone else interrupting him. So Abby went along with him in secret to be sure he actually slept uninterrupted for 15 minutes. It was at a small mattress store and Lunchbox laid down on the bed across from the one employee working in the store. He fell asleep almost immediately.

The store employee never interrupted him and neither did another customer. Once his 15 minutes were up, Lunchbox got up, thanked the employee for the nap, and walked out of the store. She responded with a your welcome and that was it. Abby talked to the employee afterwards and she said she had never seen anything like that in her over 10 years of working for a mattress company.