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Breaking The Cycle & Becoming A Better Parent with Dr. Becky Kennedy

Amy's geeking out because she follows Dr. Becky on IG (@DrBeckyAtGoodInside) and her posts have helped Amy out numerous she couldn't be more excited that Dr. Becky now has a book out!!! Before they get into what her book is all about...Amy did a little '4 Things Gratitude' icebreaker to get to know Dr. Becky better (she told us a book, tv show, food/drink, and an Instagram follow that she's currently thankful will love the stuff she shares!!)


Dr. Becky's book is 'Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be' and Adam Grant's endorsement sums up nicely what you can expect from it: "Warning: reading this book might make you a better parent. Whether you're struggling to get your toddler to calm down or your teenager to open up, Becky Kennedy is a fountain of wisdom. She strikes the ideal balance between affirming your best instincts and challenging you to rethink your worst reactions." 


In addition to talking about what GOOD INSIDE is all about...Amy and Dr. Becky discuss two things being true at the same time, breaking the cycle, self-care, the importance of repairs, how we define our job as parents, connecting with teens, and more!


More on what GOOD INSIDE explores: 

-Prioritizing Resilience over happiness for our kids

-Creating “connection capital,” a reserve of positive feelings we hopefully build up with our children, which we can pull from in times of struggle or when the relationship between us gets strained

-Detecting and reducing shame

-Telling kids the truth and why information empowers kids, not scares them for all things Dr. Becky...including a link to her book!


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