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Listener Angry With Lunchbox After He Took Over Voicemail Line

Every so often Lunchbox will take over the voicemail line for the Bobby Bones Show.

Listeners will call in to leave voicemails about the show or ask questions whenever the show is done each day. Normally, the calls just go to a voicemail and they can leave their message. However, Lunchbox likes to interrupt those messages with his own made-up voicemail. He will act as if he is a responding voicemail, but really it's just him talking on the other end. Some people laugh, others get very angry.

Today (September 20), one guy listener got very angry with Lunchbox. He had an idea that Lunchbox was on the other line so he kept saying "Lunchbox" and wanted him to respond. But Lunchbox stayed in character and just said "If you're satisfied with your message, press 1. If you would like to rerecord, press 2." The guy responded again asking for Morgan or Abby to which Lunchbox repeated his automated message. The listener stated that he hoped this was a joke, but noted it wasn't funny, to which Lunchbox responded "Boring!" That's when the listener got angry and told Lunchbox he hopes they never meet in person because it wouldn't be good. Lunchbox also spoke to two other listeners, and they thought it was the actual voicemail machine.