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Lunchbox Calls Restaurant After Witnessing Employee Not Wash Their Hands

Lunchbox recently saw something gross happen at a restaurant.

While he was at the restaurant, he went to the bathroom. He was washing his hands when he watched one of the restaurant employee's walk out of the restroom, then walk back into the kitchen all without washing his hands. So he did what Lunchbox does and called the restaurant to let them know what happened. The manager was super kind about the situation and started off with an apology to Lunchbox. But Lunchbox was quick to jump in and wanted to be compensated by the restaurant. If they weren't able to compensate him with some kind of gift card then he told the manager he would call the FDA to let them know what he saw.

The manager told Lunchbox that he wasn't going to be threatened in that way, but if Lunchbox came by he could likely get a $250 gift card from him.