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Raymundo Hosted Cow Milking Competition, Watched Artist Get Hit by Cow

Raymundo hosted a cow milking competition recently in Nashville!

The local station affiliate The BIG 98 hit him up asking him if he'd be up for hosting a cow milking competition at the Nashville Fair. Along with hosting competitors, country artist Hannah Ellis would be there to participate and perform. Raymundo said the cow milking competition got real very quickly when he started seeing all of the milking happening and the cows going to the bathroom at the same time. Noting it was a very hilarious experience for him.

Ellis was participating in the cow milking when one of the cows was not having it and started bucking. During the bucking, the cow hit Ellis and knocked her backwards a few feet. Raymundo said the whole crowd went silent, but then Ellis got up and said she was fine. Talking with her, Raymundo found out she's very competitive so she didn't want to let that stop her from the competition.