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Morgan Catches Mail Thieves on Doorbell Camera

Morgan caught some suspicious activity happening at her house recently.

While Morgan was at the Bobby Bones Show studio she got a notification on her phone from her doorbell camera. There was an orange car sitting in her driveway, one she had never seen before. At first she thought they were using her driveway to turn around, but then after watching the live camera for several minutes, they weren't leaving. After a few minutes go by, the passenger got out of the car and went to open up her mailbox as if to steal whatever was in there. Thankfully, Morgan didn't have any mail in there at the time.

After looking in the mailbox and mumbling some words, the woman hustled back into the car and they drove away quickly. Morgan filed a police report and kept the video footage for the case. After speaking with her mailman and her parents, they suggested she make all of her bills electronic rather than via mail. They also suggested she get a locking mailbox so no one is able to get in without a key.