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Woman Shares Story About Bear Breaking Into Her Car & Totaling It

Vicky Costantini was at her cabin in California with some girlfriends when she had something break into car.

Her girlfriends came running into her while she was sleeping saying her car was freaking out. Her car's hazard lights were going off and the back hatch was open, then they saw that the car wasn't possessed and there was no human that broke into it. A bear actually broke into Costantini's car and was totally destroying the inside. The car was unlocked so the car opened it up with his paw. However there wasn't any food in there to entice the bear, the only food in there were Altoids, and the bear didn't touch them.

One of Costantini's brave friends went out and moved another vehicle around her car to get the bear's attention. The bear noticed and hopped out of the car, then ran away. Her TikTok video showing the damage shows that the bear did more than ransack her vehicle, it actually destroyed several parts of the car so much so that it wasn't even driveable. When Costantini told her insurance, they barely believed her.

Surprisingly since the clip went viral, no news stations have called to talk to her. But she has gotten calls about another animal encounter she had the next day. A California Wolf Spider landed on her and her doorbell camera caught footage of it.

Photo: Getty Images