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Loser of Elder vs. Millennial Eats Gummy Hot Dog With Condiments

Elder vs. Millennial is a battle of the generations.

Eddie (the Elder) and Morgan (the Millennial) get quizzed on each other's generations in this game every week on The Bobby Bones Show. Lately, a new rule has been implemented. The loser of each game has to eat something strange. First Morgan lost and had to eat a combination of mayonnaise and peanut butter on a spoon. Then Eddie lost and had to eat a bite of a raw onion.

Then today's game happened and Morgan lost again. For losing today's game, she had to eat a hot dog gummy with ketchup and mustard on top. She said the texture of all three things was very disgusting, though the gummy itself tasted like your usual gummy bear or gummy worm.