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Lunchbox Tests Out Amy’s Daughter’s Free Donut Hack

Recently, Amy's daughter Stachira learned that the Dunkin' donuts by her house will give away any extra donuts at the end of the day.

She and a friend went and they were able to get a few donuts from the employee for free. So Lunchbox decided to test out the donut hack. He went to the same Dunkin' and asked the employee for any leftover donuts. However, the employee wouldn't give him any. She said they have cameras, and if it were to capture her giving Lunchbox free donuts then the managers would get upset. She reiterated to Lunchbox that their location does not give away any leftover donuts.

Bobby and Amy believe Lunchbox didn't get any because he's a grown man and not a kid like Stachira. While Lunchbox thinks Stachira lied to Amy about getting free donuts.