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Listener Q&A: Amy & Kelli Carroll

Bonus Episode!! For this listener-led series, Amy sat down with podcast listener, Kelli Carroll. Kelli went "OG 4 things" style and put together these 4 random, unrelated and light questions for Amy:

1. Tips on your social media breaks?? Why is taking a break from Insta such a hard thing to do sometimes... Do you delete your apps or are you diligent about not checking them?

2. Fiction book recommendation update!! Have you read anymore Emily Giffin?? OMG you will not believe what I got in the MAIL from HER!! It was so cool, I was fan-girling like crazy. Also I have another fiction recommendation (Book Lovers - Emily Henry- SO GOOD!!!)

3. This is a question that my girlfriends and I always ask each other when we are catching up... What are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks/season?

4. My parents and I created a random and fun George Strait song drinking game (no alcohol required lol) on the beach the other day. Want to play?? We call it "Ping Pong Strait" I'll explain the rules!! 

Hope you enjoy this little Q&A whether you listen to it on a ‘Sunday Stroll’ {shout out ‘The Walk Thing’ — iykyk!!} or not! :)

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