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Amy Might Be Making Appearance on Sister’s HGTV Show for Season 2

Amy's sister's HGTV show Building Roots got renewed for a season 2!

The news was shared today during The Bobby Bones Show (September 26), Amy revealed in her "15 seconds of something" that her sister's show did get renewed after having a lot of behind-the-scenes conversations. However, it's not good news for Lunchbox. Amy found out that she is going to be on the show for special episode of them in Nashville. There will be another person who appears on the same episode, but it's not going to be Lunchbox. Amy found out that someone else was asked to do it, even though Lunchbox was in touch with the producers and casting directors of the show.

Lunchbox was not happy about the news and doesn't think the episode will be any good now.