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Maddie & Tae Proud of Themselves for Releasing “Girl in a Country Song”

Maddie & Tae released the second volume of their album Through The Madness. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and performed their song "Every Night Every Morning."

Right now, Maddie is loving touring and coming home to the land with her husband. They only have one chicken right now, which is an update via the last time they were on the show. Taylor is busy "mom-ing" as she just had her first child. She admitted she's trying to get used to going from 12 hours of sleep to only getting about 5. When asked why they released a Volume 2 for their latest project, they admitted they didn't think they would be able to put out all of the songs they wanted to. So they put their first project out as a volume to be able to release all of their favorite songs.

They answered the most googled questions about themselves. People often ask if they are sisters or friends, and they are just friends. They met each other in Dallas, Texas 12 years ago through a vocal coach. Google asked how they became famous and they both don't believe they are famous, at least they hope they don't ever "feel famous" because it's weird. Maddie confirmed she is 5 foot 2 inches tall. And Taylor shared that she is indeed related to Mason Dye from Stranger Things season 4, they are brother and sister. Turns out Maddie & Tae knew he was going to play a villain on Stranger Things for over 2 years, but they had to keep it secret.

Maddie & Tae also played true or false with fun facts about themselves. Maddie shared that all of the fun facts were true. Her favorite thing to do is garden whenever she's not making music. Her biggest fans are her mom and dad, but her nieces and nephews are also up there because they think she's really cool. She also loves to dance anytime she gets a chance. She hasn't played in a long time, but she does know how to play the mandolin. Taylor's facts were all also true. She started singing the National Anthem at her brother's baseball games, and she revealed that one time she was boo'ed off the field. She sang the Canadian National Anthem and they told her to go sing her own and boo'ed her off. If she weren't an artist, she would love to be a marine biologist. When talking about 5th grade, she shared how she won her first chair in band in 5th grade, and that's also the year her first kiss happened.

Looking back on their career, Maddie and Tae are really glad they put out "Girl In A Country Song" as their debut single. At the time, it was hard because some people didn't like it, but they were naive as to why people wouldn't like it. They look at the song now and love that it was very ballsy and "screw everything" type of vibe. They're proud of themselves for being bold and having the guts to do it. They would love to at some point re-record the song and grunge it up some more.

Right now, Maddie & Tae are headlining the CMT Next Women of Country tour with Sacha and Abbey Cone as their openers.