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Bobby Bones Enlists Meghan Trainor for Listener Video Request

Listener Julie wrote to Bobby Bones a few months back about her son's upcoming wedding.

Her son is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a Naval pilot, and next month he is getting married. Her son's bride is a sister of five siblings, all of them being girls. Julie felt bad for the bride's mom who will never get to have a dance at a wedding with a son. Meghan Trainor has a song called "Mom" that Julie and her family has loved for years. She wanted to see if Trainor could send a video to the family because it would mean a lot to all of them. So Bones posted a video of the request on TikTok and Trainor saw it since she follows Bones.

Today (September 27) Bones surprised Julie with the video from Trainor who told them congratulations and a lot of other things that Bones wanted to be sure was kept private for Julie and her family. Julie was very thankful to Bones for the video and told him it would mean the world to their family.

Photo: Getty Images