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Lunchbox Met One of His Idols the Miz Thanks to Bobby

This past weekend our iHeartFestival 2022 happened in Las Vegas. The Bobby Bones Show had several stories to share from all the fun, but the big moment happened when Bobby Bones introduced Lunchbox to one of his Idols: The Miz.

Bones, The Miz, and Kristin Cavallari were all introducing Morgan Wallen's performance so Bones met The Miz beforehand backstage. They were having a really great human conversation about Dancing With The Stars because The Miz watched some of Bones dancing videos before he competed, but Bones saw Lunchbox very antsy to meet The Miz. He recalled Lunchbox being like a "runner at a starting line" just waiting to fire off and talk to The Miz. So Bones said he had to take one for the team and end their good conversation so he could introduce Lunchbox. And right away Lunchbox came up with all kinds of energy. The Miz told him he was like Tom Brady with the way he was ready to go in talking to him. He started geeking out immediately, telling him that he watched The Real World: Back to New York with him on it and he knew the whole cast of the show. Lunchbox also confessed he wanted to be on the Real World so bad, but it never happened for him.

During their conversation, they were told to be quiet because there was an interview going on in the same room. They were about a minute in when The Miz's team asked Bones to save The Miz from the situation. So Bones went in and pulled the Miz out nicely, and they were able to continue their conversation in the hallway. Lunchbox wanted to know if The Miz said anything about him later, and Bones said that "he gets crazy like that all the time," but he did like him and thought he had good energy. Lunchbox just came on a bit strong in the situation.