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Bobby’s Bulldog Stanley Received Some Bad News About His Leg

Bobby Bones shared some sad news about his bulldog Stanley.

A few days ago, Bones told The Bobby Bones Show that Stanley was dealing with some injuries on two of his legs. He had been playing a little too hard and started limping. After a few visits to the vet, Bones found out Stanley has a fully torn ACL in one leg and a half torn ACL in the other leg. Bones said they're currently trying to decide when to have surgery on his legs. But he's stressed about it because the recovery will be about 2 months long and Stanley will have to be on a leash anytime he's up and walking around. Otherwise he has to stay in a room/kennel so that he's not running around and letting his legs heal.

Stanley has had to have a few surgeries in his life now, which isn't unusual for the bulldog breed.