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Eddie Felt Weird Asking Guitar Player About His Cool Jeans

The other day a guitar player named Bennett Lewis came into The Bobby Bones Show to play with Maren Morris for her performance.

Eddie really liked the jeans he was wearing and wanted to ask him where he got them. However, he decided not to ask because he thought the show would make fun of him, especially Lunchbox. So he admitted today (September 28) what he wanted to do and Lunchbox did make fun of him. However, the rest of the show encouraged him to ask the guitar player about the jeans. They said it wasn't weird at all for a guy to ask another guy where he got his clothes. Though Lunchbox and Raymundo said it was weird because of the article of clothing. If it were shoes, a hat or something then it wouldn't be weird, but asking about jeans is definitely a weird thing to ask another guy about.

Bobby got Bennett on the phone so that Eddie could find out about the jeans. Bennett didn't think it was weird at all and he told Eddie that he got them out at a jean store in Santa Barbara. Eddie still thought the whole thing felt weird even though he finally got the information he was looking for since last week.