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Lunchbox Attempted to Spill the Tea on Amy

Lunchbox wanted to spill some tea on Amy after this weekend's iHeartFestival in Las Vegas.

There was a work afterparty happening when the festival ended Saturday night. Everyone was going to go together, but Amy said first she needed to get her chips from her hotel room to finally use them to gamble. But on her way to her hotel room, she decided she just wanted to take her shoes off and go to bed rather than go to the afterparty.

But later that night, Lunchbox got a text from her at 2 in the morning asking about their plans for the airport the next day. Then he saw a photo posted of her on Instagram at what looked like an afterparty. He believed she big-leagued them for another afterparty rather going with him, Eddie, and Scuba Steve.

Amy defended herself though, she said she did in fact go up to her hotel room and go to bed. She didn't go to any afterparty, the photo that was posted was taken at the festival in one of the sponsored lounges. And she was up texting him at 2 a.m. because she had fallen asleep then woke up freaking out about making it to the airport.