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Lunchbox Made Some Bathroom Confessions at the Airport

While Lunchbox was traveling, he decided to grab some bathroom confessions at the airport.

He sat in a bathroom stall and recorded some audio of him talking to his bathroom neighbors. The first one he asked if his wife should be mad at him for taking his kids to Hooters for his birthday to which the stranger said no, it's not big deal. Then he asked his next bathroom neighbor if he could use some of their toilet paper because his wasn't comfortable at all. The guy tried to tell him it was the same toilet paper, but then proceeded to give him a square. Then Lunchbox said he liked it better and so the stranger give him his entire toilet paper roll.

The last bathroom stranger wasn't loving Lunchbox's antics. Lunchbox asked if he could borrow their phone to look at Instagram while he's on the toilet since his phone died. The stranger said no repeatedly and then proceeded to leave quickly.