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Bobby Bones Answers the Most Googled Questions About Himself

Whenever an artist comes into The Bobby Bones Show, Bobby Bones will sometimes ask them the most googled questions about themselves.

Today (September 30), Eddie turned the tables on Bones and asked him the most googled questions about himself. Here they are!

  • Was Bobby Bones really in O-Town? Yes. If you want the full answer to this one, you must listen to today's podcast episode.
  • How many people listen to the Bobby Bones Show? It depends who you ask. There are different services that say different things. Some say there are 4 to 5 million people listening every morning.
  • How did Bobby Bones meet his wife? The person who was taking him around on Dancing With The Stars was one of Caitlin's best friends. Caitlin was there one day with her friend, and he met her there in California.
  • How did Bobby Bones get famous? He says he's still trying. But acknowledged he's moderately known in rural areas of the country.
  • What degree did Bobby Bones get in college? He has a degree in radio/television with a minor in French. Then he was given a honorary Doctorate from University of Arkansas. No one in his family went to college, let alone graduate college so these degrees are very important to him.
  • How did Bobby Bones make his money? He says it is new money from him working really hard in radio and doing TV shows.