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Eddie Met His Match With Road Rage Incident

Eddie has met his match when it comes to his road rage.

He's known on The Bobby Bones Show as the guy with road rage. He often brings stories into the show about how he got angry on the road at a driver. Sometimes he's ever gotten into road rage situations while his kids were in the car with him. He's openly admitted his road rage, but it seems he finally met someone else with more road rage. He was driving in traffic recently and needed to get in the other lane. No cars were allowing him to get over, so he had to force his way in cutting off a car. When the car he cut off caught up next to him at stop light, it was an older lady. The lady then proceeded to stare at Eddie with an angry face the entire time of the red light. When he looked over at her, she wouldn't stop staring at him in disgust.

But rather than road rage back, he just turned up his music and ignored her until the light turned green. He says he's not one to re-rage in response to someone else's road rage.